FAQs & Community Impact Information



  1. Are sporting events live streaming on a website somewhere?
    Yes, there are some sports that are live streaming at

  2. Are there any highlights on the newscasts to watch?
    There will be highlights on the Sportsnet Central broadcast which airs every day. You can also go to to watch segments of the show. 

  3. How does the General Admission seating work for the sporting events?
    All events are seated on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
    A number of seats will be reserved for event specific ticket holders. If the event specific ticket holder does not appear at the event within the first 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, the seats will be given to any additional Phase or Superpass holders wishing to attend the event. 
    VIP seats will be reserved for 30 minutes.
    The events below have limited seating due to fire code regulations and may be subject to the policy listed above, we will do our best to accomidate all spectators safely.
    Beach Volleyball
    Indoor Volleyball

  4. I have a child under 4 years old, can they attend events for free?
    Yes, children under 4 years of age can attend ticketed events for free provided the child is able to sit on a parents lap.

  5. Is there Park-&-Ride service to the to the sports and cultural events during the Games?
    WOOSH! Wood Buffalo Transit is offering complimentary service to anyone with a ticket or wrist band. You can get on the buses at any regularly scheduled bus stop and ride it to your destination. For more information on routes visit the WOOSH! site here: WOOSH! A Ride Worth Taking

  6. How can I get tickets to sporting events?
    Tickets are still available and can be purchased online at, in person at the Shell Place Box Office or by phone at 1-888-281-6477.

  7. I have a Superpass, will I be able to give my pass to a friend if I am not able to go to the Games that day?
    Unfortunatly, Superpasses are Non-Transferable. You will be given a wrist-band when you hand in your ticket. 

  8. How will traffic be impacted? Where and when?
    There are various areas that will be impacted. You can download a detailed list by clicking here or see the Community Impact Information below.

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