Gameswear Friday

                                                Gear Up & Game On!

2015 Western Canada Summer Games Host Society invites you to        participate in Gameswear Friday!

Gameswear Friday is an opportunity for all Wood Buffalo businesses and organizations to show support and promote the upcoming Games.  To participate, please wear Official 2015 Western Canada Summer Games (WCSG) apparel every Friday, and encourage all of your staff members or co-workers to follow suit.

Special Gameswear Friday apparel is available for your organization!

There are two levels at which businesses and organizations can participate in the Gameswear Friday program: 

1) Purchase 2015 WCSG apparel- purchase Gameswear for members of your organization, ensuring         everyone participates in the program.

2) Contribute- Allow Host Society to set up at your organization/business to sell Gameswear to your staff.

To become a proud supporter, please fill out the enclosed registration form. 

Gameswear Friday Package

   Gameswear Friday Contest

Contest Winners

Fort McMurray Fire Department

Hertz Car and Truck Rental


Gameswear Friday Supporters

Foto Source
Fort McMurray Fire Department
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Great Plains Security
Wood Buffalo Brew Co.

White Husky Inc.
Suncor Energy Services
Hertz Car and Truck Rental

Keyano College
Ideal Lighting
The Driving Force
Mary Brown’s

Dave Hill Pharmacy
NorthStar Ford
YMM Airport Authority

        Game On! Boutique

MacDonald Island Park

Monday to Friday from 3:00PM - 7:00PM 
Saturday & Sunday from 2:00PM - 6:00PM


Local Gameswear Retailers

Wood Buffalo Brew Company 
Heritage Park
Sawridge Inn

For more information please contact:

Nazifa Noor Saleh
Merchandising Coordinator
Cell: 780-370-1189
Email: [email protected]